Sachiko, Princess Hisa

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Princess Hisa
Princess Sachiko.jpg
Princess Sachiko on 1 January 1928.
Born (1927-09-10)10 September 1927
Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokyo City, Japan
Died 8 March 1928(1928-03-08) (aged &&&&&&&&&&&&01805 months 28 days)
Tokyo Imperial Palace, Tokyo City, Japan
Burial 13 March 1928
Toshimagaoka Imperial Cemetery, Bunkyo, Tokyo
Full name
Sachiko (祐子?)
House Imperial House of Japan
Father Emperor Shōwa
Mother Empress Kōjun
Religion Shinto

Sachiko, Princess Hisa (久宮祐子内親王?, Hisa-no-miya Sachiko Naishinnō, 10 September 1927 – 8 March 1928) was the second daughter and child of Emperor Shōwa and his wife, Empress Kōjun.


On 10 September 1927, the Emperor and Empress's second child was born, a daughter who weighed 3.3 kilograms (7 lb 4 oz) and had a length of 51 centimetres (1 ft 8 in).

The princess was named Sachiko on 16 September, a name chosen by the Emperor himself. The princess grew steadily and was breastfed.


By February 27, the princess developed an eczema and a high fever and was diagnosed with catarrh. On 1 March, the doctor announced that no one should worry and, on 3 March, it was announced she was expected to recover. However, on 4 March, the princess developed a very high fever, 39°C and, by 9 pm, she was suspected of sepsis. Birthday events for the Empress were canceled on 6 March.

On 8 March, her medical condition continued to deteriorate and the infant princess died at 3:38 am. The Emperor ordered the army to stop their actions for the day and decreed a day of national mourning. On 13 March, the princess was buried in a simple ceremony in the Toshimagaoka cemetery. The Empress was crushed; she held a doll of about the same size as Sachiko for days and would not have another child for one more year.

Titles and styles[edit]

Styles of
Sachiko, Princess Hisa
Imperial Coat of Arms
Reference style Her Imperial Highness
Spoken style Your Imperial Highness
Alternative style Ma'am
  • 10 September 1927 – 8 March 1928: Her Imperial Highness The Princess Hisa


Patrilineal descent[edit]