Superior Court of California of the County of Sacramento

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Sacramento Superior Court
Sacramento, 2015 (21295037962).jpg
Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse
JurisdictionSacramento County, California
Appeals toCalifornia Court of Appeal for the Third District
Presiding Judge
CurrentlyHon. Russell L. Hom
SinceJan 1, 2020[1]
Lead position endsDec 31, 2021
Assistant Presiding Judge
CurrentlyHon. Michael G. Bowman
SinceJan 1, 2020[2]
Court Executive Officer
CurrentlyLloyd Connelly

The Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento is the California Superior Court located in Sacramento with jurisdiction over Sacramento County.


Sacramento Superior Court locations:
Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse (720 9th St)
Hall of Justice (813 6th St) & Lorenzo Patiño Hall of Justice (651 I St)
William R. Ridgway Family Relations Courthouse (3341 Power Inn Rd)
Carol Miller Justice Center (301 Bicentennial Cir)
Juvenile Courthouse (9605 Kiefer Blvd)

Gordon D. Schaber courthouse[edit]

The Gordon D. Schaber downtown courthouse is the main courthouse of the court. As well as providing the main trial courtrooms, the courthouse contains the administrative offices of the court (including the Presiding Judge), and the general civil and criminal case processing support services of the court system. The downtown courthouse is located at 720 9th Street.

Other courthouses[edit]

All the other courthouses are within the Sacramento city limits

William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Courthouse

Family law, juvenile dependency, and probate cases

Carol Miller Justice Center

Small claims, traffic, and unlawful detainer cases

Juvenile Courthouse

Juvenile cases

Lorenzo Patiño Hall of Justice

Criminal cases


Pursuant to California Government Code § 68070 and the Judicial Council California Rules of Court § 10.613, the Sacramento County Superior Court has adopted Local Rules for its government and the government of its officers.


There are several officers of the court, including judges, jurors, commissioners, prosecutors, defense attorneys, clerks, bailiffs, and court reporters.


The current judges are:


A commissioner is a subordinate judicial officer elected by the judges of the Court and given the power to hear and make decisions in certain kinds of legal matters, similar to the United States magistrate judge. Their jurisdiction includes, but is not limited to, traffic matters, family law and juvenile cases, criminal misdemeanors, and criminal felony cases through the preliminary hearing stage.


The Sacramento County District Attorney, currently Anne Marie Schubert, prosecutes crimes before the court on behalf of California, Sacramento County, and all cities and special districts within Sacramento County.

Public Defenders[edit]

The Sacramento County Public Defender, currently Steven Garrett, is the public defender.


The functions of the bailiff are carried out by Sacramento County Sheriff, currently Scott Jones, under contract.


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