Sacrower See

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Sacrower See
view to the northeast from the south shore
Location Potsdam, Brandenburg
Coordinates 52°26′N 13°06′E / 52.433°N 13.100°E / 52.433; 13.100Coordinates: 52°26′N 13°06′E / 52.433°N 13.100°E / 52.433; 13.100
Basin countries Germany
Max. length 2.8 km (1.7 mi)
Max. width 406 m (1,332 ft)
Surface area 0.667 km2 (0.258 sq mi)
Surface elevation 29.4 m (96 ft)

The Sacrower See is a German lake in the northern part of Potsdam in the State of Brandenburg.


The Sacrower See, with the Groß Glienicker See 0.7 km to the north and the Heiliger See 1.6 km from Potsdam, forms a chain of lakes which flow into the extensive network of Havel River waterways.

The lake extends in a north-south direction for over 2.8 km. Its widest point is 406 m and its narrowest 190 m. Sacrow, a district of Potsdam, is located on the southeastern shore. The remaining shore is forested and part of the Königswald Nature Preserve.

During the Cold War, the lake was part of the border isolating West Berlin and kept under close East German surveillance. In 1986 Rainer Liebeke of Gotha drowned in Sacrower See when attempting to escape to West Berlin.

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