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Sad Gnome Records
Founded 2006
Defunct 2010
Genre Punk/Indie/Pop
Country of origin Norway/United Kingdom
Official website

Sad Gnome Records was a small, independent record label, based in Oslo (Norway) and London (UK). It was established in 2006 with the purpose of releasing The Indelicates' first single, We Hate The Kids.[1] 2007 saw Sad Gnome expand, putting out debut singles by Remodel, Joe Rybicki and My Name Is Red. In December 2007, they released A Sad Gnome's Dream, a free, limited edition, download only compilation featuring exclusive or rare tracks from the label's roster and friends.[2]

Sad Gnome kicked off 2008 by introducing 17-year-old Lily Rae to the record buying public with her debut single, Bad Film.[3] In addition to further Remodel singles and one by Brighton's The Ne'er-Do-Wells, the label also collaborated with New Jersey (USA) publishers Abaton Book Company in releasing an EP by avant-garde songstress Marianne Nowottny.[4] Entitled Marianne Nowottny & The All American Band,[5] it received favourable reviews in music magazines as diverse as Plan B, The Wire and Record Collector.[6]


  • SG0601 - The Indelicates: We Hate The Kids (July 2006)
  • SG0701 - The Indelicates: The Last Significant Statement To Be Made In Rock'n'Roll e.p. (February 2007)
  • SG0702 - Remodel: British Racing Green/That Obscure Subject Called Desire (April 2007)
  • SG0703 - Joe Rybicki: Girl No Trouble (September 2007)
  • SG0704 - Lily Rae: Bad Film (January 2008)
  • SG0705 - My Name Is Red: Alice Won't You Lay With Me (October 2007)
  • SG07XMAS - Various Artists: A Sad Gnome's Dream (December 2007)
  • SG0801 - The Ne'er-Do-Wells: The Accidental Death Of An Inactivist (May 2007)
  • SG0802 - Marianne Nowottny & The All American Band (August 2008)
  • SG0803 - Remodel: Formula/Cognoscenti (March 2008)
  • SG0901 - Remodel: La Belle Dame Sans Merci (June 2009)

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