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Sad Movies is Mark Lindquist's first novel, originally published in 1987 with the Atlantic Monthly Press.[1] The novel is divided into three acts, much like a play would be. Act I is approximately 71 pages; Act II is 91, and Act III is 34, respectively.

Major Characters[edit]

  • Zeke- the novel's narrator; works at "Big Gun Films" in Hollywood, CA, a company that produces movies aimed at teenagers. Similarities can be found between this character and Bret Easton Ellis's characters in Less Than Zero, which came out two years prior to Sad Movies.
  • Becky- Zeke's live-in girlfriend is an aspiring actress who, with Zeke, struggles to gain financial stability.
  • YJ- An old friend of Zeke's from school, YJ appears spontaneously when Zeke is debating suicide. YJ's loyal partner is a dog, Blackie.
  • Wendy and Susie- These characters almost always appear together. Zeke's coworkers at Big Gun, with whom he goes to clubs, parties, bars, etc. They occasionally do drugs together.


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