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Birth name Yolanda Tsiampokalou
Also known as Broken Code
Born 1977
Genres hip hop, low bap
Instruments rapping
Years active 1994–present
Labels Warner, 8ctagon, Imantas
Associated acts Active Member

Sadahzinia (born Yolanda Tsiampokalou; Greek: Γιολάντα Τσιαμπόκαλου, in 1977) is a Greek rapper, regarded by many as the first woman to enter the hip-hop scene in Greece. Her name is a play on the words: "sad" + "jah"+ the flower "zinia". Since 1994 she has been working in the studio and performing live in Greece and Europe with the successful hip-hop/low bap group Active Member. In 2002 she officially became a member of the group.

In 1999 she took her degree of English Literature, Philosophical Faculty Athens.

She has played keyboards and percussions for a short while both in shows and in the studio, but in the last years she is more focused on her rap and on writing lyrics.

These past years she has worked either in the studio or on the stage with several artists both from abroad and from Greece, such as Waldemar Bastos, Sokratis Malamas, Rodney P, Skitz, Killa Kela, Mixologists, Adam Fuest, Winston Irie, Chris Hall, Oliver Wilson, Dynamo Dresden, Extremists and more… Also, she has often performed in London, Wales and Germany.

In 2003 Sadahzinia and B.D.Foxmoor found “8ctagon”, their own label.

In addition, she is a writer and translator. She writes her own fairy tales for children and translates well-known and appreciable books. She was writing recipes for children in the children's newspaper Researchers for four years, while for two years she was collaborating with a Greek magazine, where she was writing theatrical work for children. With regard to the presentation of her fairy tales, she has organised a line of events in various spaces (bookshops, schools, in the children's museum, in cultural spaces, in libraries etc.) where she presents theatrical works written by her, with big attendance of children. She also has her own whole page column in a newspaper.


1998 - Allo ena psema
2000 - Asimenia akri
2002 - Sto xroma tis staxtis
2003 - I voui kai ta kamomata
2005 - Mixtape (97' - 04')
2006 - Petranasa
2010 - Sarma
2016 - Karpimo (Κάρπιμο)

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