Sadamisaki Peninsula

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The Sadamisaki Lighthouse stands at the tip of the peninsula

The Sadamisaki Peninsula (佐田岬半島, Sadamisaki-hantō) is the westernmost part of the island of Shikoku, and is the narrowest peninsula in Japan. It is covered by the town of Ikata, Ehime Prefecture, and is home to the Ikata Nuclear Power Plant.

The peninsula is bounded to the north by the Inland Sea, to the south by the Uwa Sea (Pacific Ocean), and to the west by the Hōyo Strait, which separates Shikoku from Kyūshū.

This combination of mountains and ocean make the Sadamisaki Peninsula a popular sightseeing destination, especially in the spring when the sakura are in bloom.


The Sadamisaki Peninsula is extremely mountainous. Until the completion of national highway Route 197, traversing the peninsula by car was quite inconvenient.

Ferries run from Misaki Port at the tip of the peninsula to Beppu, Ōita and Saganoseki Port (Ōita, Ōita).

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Coordinates: 33°26′N 132°13′E / 33.433°N 132.217°E / 33.433; 132.217