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A saddle is a seat attached to an animal or machine, or various items resembling them or their profiles, including:

As a seat[edit]




  • Saddle point, is the single value in a saddle graph or surface which produces the lowest point between two low or valley regions, which is concurrently the highest connecting path between two flanking peaks or ridgelines.
  • Saddle surface, a graph that resembles a riding saddle which contains a saddle point
  • Monkey saddle, a similar graph with three dips -"a saddle for two legs and a tail"

Other uses[edit]

  • A cut of meat, the unseparated loin (from rib to leg) from both sides of the animal
  • Saddle, the bearing surface on the bridge of a stringed instrument
  • A chimney saddle is also known as a cricket (roofing).

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