Saddle Island, South Georgia

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Saddle Island, South Georgia
Location of Saddle Island in South Georgia Islands
Coordinates 54°08′25″S 37°44′57″W / 54.14028°S 37.74917°W / -54.14028; -37.74917Coordinates: 54°08′25″S 37°44′57″W / 54.14028°S 37.74917°W / -54.14028; -37.74917
Archipelago South Georgia Islands
Length 1.98 km (1.23 mi)
Width 0.98 km (0.609 mi)
United Kingdom
Population 0

Saddle Island is 1.98 km (1.23 mi) long and 980 metres (1,070 yd) wide,[1] situated on the south side of the entrance to Wilson Harbour on the west coast of South Georgia Island in the Antarctic. The island is separated from the mainland of South Georgia by a 280 metres (310 yd) wide passage.[1]


Saddle Island is located at 54°08′25″S 37°44′57″W / 54.14028°S 37.74917°W / -54.14028; -37.74917 which is 18.9 km (11.7 mi) southeast of Cape Paryadin, 29.1 km (18.1 mi) west of Peggotty Bluff and 26.3 km (16.3 mi) northwest of Cape Nuñez.[1]

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