Saddle River School District

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Saddle River School District
97 East Allendale Road
Saddle River, NJ 07458
District information
Grades K-6
Superintendent Margaret Contaldi
Business administrator Fred Palumbo
Schools 1
Students and staff
Enrollment 228 (as of 2011-12)[1]
Faculty 23.9 FTEs
Student-teacher ratio 9.54:1
Other information
District Factor Group J
Ind. Per Pupil District
 %± vs.
1A Total Spending $21,022 51 $18,891 11.3%
1 Budgetary Cost 25,697 59 13,649 88.3%
2 Classroom Instruction 12,945 58 8,366 54.7%
6 Support Services 8,265 59 2,161 282.5%
8 Administrative Cost 1,978 53 1,467 34.8%
10 Operations & Maintenance 2,464 54 1,552 58.8%
16 Median Teacher Salary 63,706 49 57,437
Data from NJDoE 2014 Taxpayers' Guide to Education Spending.[2]
*Of K-6 districts with any number of students. Lowest spending=1; Highest=59

The Saddle River School District is a community public school district that serves students in pre-Kindergarten through fifth grade from Saddle River, in Bergen County, New Jersey, United States.

As of the 2011-12 school year, the district's one school had an enrollment of 228 students and 23.9 classroom teachers (on an FTE basis), for a student–teacher ratio of 9.54:1.[1]

The district is classified by the New Jersey Department of Education as being in District Factor Group "J", the-highest of eight groupings. District Factor Groups organize districts statewide to allow comparison by common socioeconomic characteristics of the local districts. From lowest socioeconomic status to highest, the categories are A, B, CD, DE, FG, GH, I and J.[3]

Public school students from Saddle River attend the Ramsey Public School District's middle school and then have the option of attending either Ramsey High School or Northern Highlands Regional High School as part of sending/receiving relationships with each of the respective districts.[4][5][6][7]

As of 2012, school elections were shifted from April to the November general election as part of an effort to reduce the costs of a standalone April vote.[8]


Wandell School served 228 students in Kindergarten through fifth grade as of the 2011-12 school year.[9]


Core members of the district's administration are:[10][11]

  • Margaret Contaldi, Superintendent
  • Fred D. Palumbo, Board Secretary / Business Administrator


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