Sadegh Malek Shahmirzadi

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Sadegh Malek Shahmirzadi
Born (1940-04-24) April 24, 1940 (age 76)
Main interests
anthropology, archaeology

Sadegh Malek Shahmirzadi (Persian: صادق ملک شهميرزادی‎‎) (born April 24, 1940) is an Iranian archaeologist and anthropologist.


Shahmirzadi is the author of over 60 research articles and books. Shahmirzadi's book, Dictionary of Archeology English-Persian-Persian-English, published in 1997, is still in print.[1]

Tepe Sialk is reportedly one of the most important prehistoric excavations in Iran, and a team of Iranian archaeologists led by Shahmirzadi launched the Sialk Reconsideration Project in 1999.[2]

In 2004, the Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency reported that, "Iranian archeologists planned to identify the food basket and diet of the people who lived in the historical site of Sialk over 7,000 years ago," and "Shahmirzadi, discoverer of the ziggurat, [was] head of the research team."[3]

Speaking at the Bolaghi Gorge Seminar held on Jan. 20, 2007 in Tehran, Shahmirzadi said,

Until some 40 years ago, people did not show much interest toward archeological sites and the issue of cultural heritage was somehow unknown but today we are witnessing such a large gathering with the presence of a large number of experts and NGOs who show great concern for preserving cultural heritage of Iran and their heart is beating for Bolaghi Gorge as a historical and national heritage site.[4]

"The...inundation of Sivand Dam...issue evoked strong opposition from cultural heritage enthusiasts and NGOs who are concerned with the fate of the historic site of Bolaghi Gorge, demanding Iranian authorities prevent flooding of the Dam. The majority of those who attended at the conference and also most of archeologists who work on Bolaghi Gorge categorically protested against flooding of Sivand Dam, accompanied by placards to show their objections to inundation of the Dam."[5]

Dr. Michael D. Danti of Boston University's Department of Archaeology thanked "Sadegh Malek Shahmirzadi for involving me in his research project at Tepe Sialk." [6]

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