Sadhbh Béan Ó Mailchonaire

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Sadhbh Ó Mailchonaire, Ban Ollamh Síol Muireadaigh, 1441-1447.

The Annals of Connacht, sub anno 1447, record her death as follows:Sadb daughter of Uilliam Mac Branain, wife of Mailin O Mailchonaire, died after a victory over the world and the Devil. However, a more fulsome account appears in Mac Fhirbhisigh's annals, where she is called Banollamh of Silmiredhy fitz ffeargus and a nurse to all guests and strangers and of all the learned men in Ireland.

Her husband, the poet and historian Mailin mac Tanaide Ó Maolconaire died in 1441, after which Sadhbh apparently replaced him as poet, hence the term banollamh (woman-poet).

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Preceded by
Mailin mac Tanaide Ó Maolconaire
Ollamh Síol Muireadaigh
1441 - 1447
Succeeded by
Torna Ó Maolconaire