Sadhimataji’s temple

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Sadhimataji’s temple
Sadhimataji’s temple is located in Gujarat
Sadhimataji’s temple
Sadhimataji’s temple
Location in Gujarat, India
Coordinates: 23°32′39″N 72°26′35″E / 23.5443°N 72.443161°E / 23.5443; 72.443161Coordinates: 23°32′39″N 72°26′35″E / 23.5443°N 72.443161°E / 23.5443; 72.443161
Country India
 • PujariManoj Yogi
Elevation81 m (266 ft)
 • OfficialGujarati, Hindi
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)

Sadhimataji’s temple is a Hindu temple in Kherva, a village in Mehsana District.

Sadhimata’s temple is 2.5 km south of Kherva village on Mehsana Kalol highway. It is a very old[clarification needed] temple. The set-up of temple is under a huge[clarification needed] Neem tree. A rectangular dome is built on inside part of temple. The temple is covered by terrace of cement. A vast[clarification needed] front yard with full facility is built in front of temple. Behind temple a vast[clarification needed] space is available which is basically used in fair and other traditions. One inn structure is available behind the temple. A room is provided for Pujari (worshiper of temple). A highway passes in front of temple and it experiences the coolness of temple.

Sadhimata is kuldevi (main goddess) of Raval Yogi Community. A temple is built by former pujari Shree Khodabhai Raval. His heredity worships the goddess generation to generation. Now a day Manoj Raval is appointed as main pujari of temple.

Sadhimata’s temple is very famous not only in Kherva but also in surrounding area.[citation needed] People go on barefoot to fulfill their wishes. Most of the people go on Sunday and Tuesday. On New Year of Hinduism, Villager must go at the temple. “Dharo Atham No Melo” is main fair of temple which started by Raval yogi community, comes at Bhadrva Sud Aatham in Hindu Panchang.


The temple is 2 km from Kherva, 11 km from Mehsana and 21 km from Gozaria. Nearest railway stations are Mehsana and Jagudan.