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Sadid guided bomb
Sadid guided bomb.jpg
Place of originIran
Mass34 kg (75 lb)
Length169 cm (67 in)
Width152 mm (6.0 in)

The Sadid-345,[1] also known simply as the Sadid guided bomb[2] is an Iranian precision-guided glide bomb with a fragmentation warhead.

The Sadid-345 is meant for use on UCAVs.[2] Its main launch platform is the Shahed 129.


Two Sadid guided bombs in front of a Shahed 129 drone (right).

The bomb weighs 34 kg and is 1.63 meters long, with a diameter of 152 mm.[2] It has four fixed fins on the body for lift and stability and four deflectable fins on the tail for trajectory control.[3] The bomb has a range of 6 km[1] and is made of composite material.[3]

The Sadid-345 warhead is filled with composition H6 explosive and is prefragmented, with a specified lethal radius of 30 m.[2] It is detonated by an impact fuse.[2]

There is the possibility that Sadid-345 glide bombs could be developed with tandem-warheads, but as of the present there is no evidence of this.[4]

The Sadid-345 can be equipped with an infrared seeker, with CEP of 2.5 meters, a laser seeker with a CEP of 2.5 m, or a visual light seeker with a CEP of 5 m (though the CEP may be larger if there is difficulty with the image processing).[2]

Operational history[edit]

In the foreground are two Sadid-345 precision-guided munitions. Mounted on the wings and to the far left are the Sadid ATGMs.


The Sadid-345 was developed after the intended armament for Iran's Shahed 129 UAV, the Sadid-1 ATGM, could not be successfully integrated for unclear reasons.

It is believed the Sadid-345 was developed from the Toophan through removal of the engine, propulsion system, and wire guidance components.[4]


The IRGC is the only purchaser of the Sadid-345, as of 2018.[4] "Tens" of Sadid-345 bombs have been dropped on the Islamic State in Syria by Shahed 129s.[5][better source needed]

It can also be integrated on HESA Shahed 285 attack helicopters.[4]



Launch platforms[edit]


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