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LP sadie.jpg
Studio album by Johnny Farnham
Released April 1968
Recorded 1967–1968
Genre Pop
Label EMI, Columbia
Producer David Mackay
Johnny Farnham chronology
Everybody Oughta Sing A Song
Singles from Sadie
  1. "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)"
    Released: November 1967
  2. "Friday Kind Of Monday"
    Released: March 1968

Sadie is the debut studio album by Australian pop singer John Farnham (billed then as Johnny Farnham) it was released by EMI Records in April 1968.[1] The lead single, "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)" had been released in November 1967, it was #1 on the Go-Set National Singles Charts for five weeks,[2][3] and was the largest selling single in Australia by an Australian artist in the 1960s.[1][4] The single, "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)" sold approximately 180,000 copies in Australia,[5][6] and was also released in New Zealand, Denmark and Germany.[7]The second follow up album single was Jeff Barry/Ellie Greenwichs "Friday Kind of Monday" included on the album and was released in March as a double-A side with a cover of "Underneath the Arches" (non-album track) as Farnham's second single, which peaked at #6.[8]


Johnny Farnham's first commercially successful solo recording was the novelty song entitled "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)", his manager Darryl Sambell had disliked it as the lyrics were so persistent.[5] However, EMI's in house producer, David Mackay, insisted and so the single was released in November 1967. By arrangement with Sambell, Melbourne radio DJ Stan Rofe pretended that he disliked "Sadie" before playing it.[5][9] Rofe continued the ploy on TV's Uptight and viewers responded with calls to play the song.[9] Rofe was also a writer for Go-Set, a teen-oriented pop magazine, another writer for the magazine, Ian Meldrum, praised Farnham's efforts.[5] "Sadie" hit #1 on the Go-Set National Singles Charts in January 1968 and remained there for five weeks.[2] Selling 180 000 copies in Australia, "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)" was the highest selling single by an Australian artist of the decade.[5][6] Farnham's second single, released in March, was the double A-sided "Underneath The Arches" (non-album track) / "Friday Kind Of Monday", which peaked at #6.[8] The album, Sadie, produced by Mackay was released in April.[10]

Sadie (The Cleaning Lady

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Friday Kind of Monday" (Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich) – 2:44
  2. "Are You Havin' Any Fun?" (Sammy Fain, Jack Yellin) - 2:10
  3. "Turn Around" (Farnham, David Mackay) - 2:25
  4. "Painting a Shadow" (Rodney Bainbridge, B. Pritchard) - 2:10
  5. "Pay The Waiter" (Hans Poulsen) - 2:31
  6. "There's Got To Be a Word" (Don Ciccone)- 2:06
  7. "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)" (Ray Gilmore, John Medora, David White) - 3:17
  8. "Woman, Woman" (Jim Glaser, Jimmy Payne]]) - 3:13
  9. "The Old Bazaar in Cairo" (Clinton Ford, Charlie Chester, Ken Morris) - 1:53
  10. "Come On Back To Me" (Farnham) - 1:39
  11. "Miss Elaine E.S. Jones" (Paul Nicodemus) - 2:31
  12. "Otherwise It's Been a Perfect Day" (Farnham) - 2:30


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