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Sadık Yemni (born Istanbul, 1951) is a Dutch science fiction author of Turkish extraction. Yemni is the author of twenty two novels published in the Turkish language, as well as a variety of short stories, essays, plays, and film scripts. He is known particularly for De roos van Amsterdam ("The rose of Amsterdam").[1]

Yemni was born in Istanbul, Turkey, but moved with his parents to Izmir when he was still a baby.[2] He studied Chemistry at Ege University, before emigrating to Amsterdam to avoid military service. He developed an interest in literature while working on the railways. Yemni literary debut was a collection of stories in Turkish on the lives of guestworkers. Though he writes in Turkish and publishes in both languages, his novels are oriented primarily towards the Dutchmarket. Yemni's works include the 1987 short stories De ijzerensnavel – verhalen, the 1991 story De geest van de brug, the 1992 play Het station, and the novels De roos van Amsterdam (1993), De ridders van Amsterdam (1994) and De amulet (1995).[1]


Published in Dutch:

  • De IJzeren Snavel (volume of short stories)
  • De Geest van de Brug (diary)
  • Het Station - Toneeltekst
  • De roos van Amsterdam (1993, vertaling uit het Turks Amsterdam'ın Gülü, 1993)
  • De ridders van Amsterdam (1994)
  • Detective Orhan en het vermiste meisje (1996, jeugdboek)
  • De vierde ster (2000, vert. uit het Turks door Margreet Dorleijn)
  • De amulet, Prometheus, 1995 (vert. uit het Turks (Muska) door Cees Priem, 1995)
  • Paradigma - Toneel,

Published in Turkish:

  • Muska (1996)
  • Amsterdam'ın Gülü (1996)
  • Öte Yer (1997, 'De Gene Zijde')
  • Metros (2002)
  • Çözücü (2003, 'Oplosser' SF thriller )
  • Ölümsüz (2004)
  • Yatır (2005)
  • Muhabbet Evi (2006)
  • Durum 429 (2007)

Published in German:

  • Das Haus der Herzen (2010)


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