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The Sadleirian Professorship of Pure Mathematics (originally in the statutes and for the first two professors, Sadlerian[1]) is a professorship in pure mathematics within the DPMMS at the University of Cambridge. It was founded on a bequest from Lady Mary Sadleir for lectureships for the full and clear explication and teaching that part of mathematical knowledge commonly called algebra. She died in 1706 and lectures began in 1710 but eventually these failed to attract undergraduates. In 1860 the foundation was used to establish the professorship.[2][3] On 10th June 1863 Arthur Cayley was elected with the statutory duty to explain and teach the principles of pure mathematics, and to apply himself to the advancement of that science. The stipend attached to the professorship was modest although it improved in the course of subsequent legislation.

List of Sadleirian Professors of Pure Mathematics[edit]

The Professorship has fallen vacant on the resignation of Vladimir Markovic. The Athena SWAN charter applies. It is anticipated that a successful candidate will take up her appointment on 1 October 2017 or as soon as possible thereafter.


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