Sadr Region

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Sadr Region
Emission nebula
Sadr Region rgb.jpg
This picture shows IC 1318 / gamma Cyg nebula , NGC 6914 , IC 1311 , NGC 6888 / Crescent nebula in the lower left as well as some other nebulous regions
Observation data: J2000 epoch
Right ascension20h 16m 48.0s[1]
Declination+41° 57′ 24″[1]
DesignationsIC 1318, Gamma Cyg Nebula, Sadr Region
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The Sadr Region (also known as IC 1318 or the Gamma Cygni Nebula) is the diffuse emission nebula surrounding Sadr (γ Cygni) at the center of Cygnus's cross. The Sadr Region is one of the surrounding nebulous regions; others include the Butterfly Nebula and the Crescent Nebula. It contains many dark nebulae in addition to the emission diffuse nebulae.

Sadr itself has approximately a magnitude of 2.2. The nebulous regions around the region are also fairly bright.

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IC1318 by Kasra Karimi

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