Ghods Saeghe

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Type Target drone
Service history
Used by  Iran[1]
Production history
Manufacturer Ghods Aviation Industries
Weight 60 kg (182 lb.)
Length 2.81 m (9.5 feet)

50 km
Flight altitude 11000 ft
Speed 250 km/h

Saeghe (Thunderbolt) is a simple Iranian target drone.


Saeghe is a delta wing narrow pointed fuselage target drone. Control surfaces are located on the horizontal stabilizers. The drone uses a pusher-configuration engine which generates a power of 25 hp which makes it able to endure for 45 minutes.[2] Some say it is MADO 275cc engine.[3]

It comes in two versions. The first one which only has radio command guidance system and the other one which has GPS guidance and IR emissions. Both versions are launched via a booster and are recovered by parachute.[4]

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