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Saera Khan in Oslo, 2007. Photo: Harry Wad

Saera Tithi Khan (born 23 April 1979 in Oslo) is a Bangladeshi-Norwegian politician for the Labour Party.

She was elected to the Parliament of Norway from Oslo in 2005. She served as a deputy representative from 2001 to 2005. She was the only member of parliament with immigrant background before Akhtar Chaudhry won a seat, representing Oslo, in the October 2007 elections. She did not seek reelection in 2009.

On the local level she was a member of Oslo city council from 1999 to 2005.

She did not seek reelection in 2009 after she was cited for calling fortune tellers from her office phone.[1]


Khan was born to an educated family. Her father Kamaluddin Khan went to England to study law before he settled in Norway in 1968. The eldest child of the family, Saera has two younger brothers. Saera is doing her MA in Social Economics and Politics. Her mother teaches at a school for disabled children in Norway.


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