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Saeristavo (Georgian: საერისთავო), in historical and scientific literature with this term is defined a territorial unit in old Georgia, which was ruled by Eristavi.

List of the Duchies of Kingdom of Georgia[edit]

Saeristavo (name in Georgian) Date Capital Territory
Abkhazia by 8th century Tskhumi Abkhazia, Zichia
Argveti by 8th century Shorapani upper Imereti
Hereti by 1010 Khornabuji south-eastern Kakheti, Saingilo
Kakheti by 1010 Telavi north Kakheti
Kartli by 10th century Uplitsikhe inner Kartli
Klarjeti by 1008 Artanuji Artvin
Odishi by 8th century Mingrelia, Guria, south Abkhazia
Racha by 8th century Racha
Samtskhe by 12th century Akhaltsikhe Meskheti
Svaneti by 8th century Svaneti
Tao by 1190's Panaskerti northen Artvin, northern Erzerum
Kldekari by 876 Kldekari lower Kartli
Kalmakhi by 11th century Kalmakhi southern Artvin
Tukharisi by 11th century Tukharisi southern Artvin
Queli by 11th century Queli Ardahan
Javakheti by 10th century Akhalkalaki Javakheti, Ardahan

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