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Saeta International Sports Wear Ltda
Industry Sportswear
Founded 1982
Headquarters Bogotá, Colombia
Products Footwear

Saeta International Sport Wear is a Colombian company that operates its business in the textile sector, in the manufacture, import[1] and export[2] of sportswear and accessories.


In 1982, a Colombian businessman decides to acquire a loan to buy a machine to manufacture sweatshirts, and with an expert in making clothes and industrial designer started the company.

In 1988, Saeta tailored uniforms to 13 professional football teams in Colombia, which had the sponsorship of a prestigious beverage company, owned by one of the most important economic groups in the country. Saeta thus becomes the main supplier of sportswear at the national level.

In 1991, the distribution company of sportswear, Rydtex of Sweden, came to Colombia in search of new suppliers and learn about the quality of Saeta, carried out the orders. These orders were the first export of the company.

1998, becoming the sponsor of one of the most famous professional teams in the country, the brand reached a high level of recognition.

2001, co-sponsored negotiations with other major professional team, which is followed by active promotion of the company's flagship product.[3]


SAETA has sponsored several teams of Colombian professional soccer from Categoría Primera A and Categoría Primera B.

Official Guyana home shirt from 2012, made by Saeta.

National teams[edit]

Club teams[edit]


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