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Saeta TV Canal 10
Logo saeta-2.jpg
Launched 7 December 1956 (1956-12-07)
Slogan Somos la televisión que queremos
(We are the television we want)
Country  Uruguay
Language Spanish
Headquarters Lorenzo Carnelli 1234
Montevideo, Uruguay

Saeta TV Channel 10, founded in 1956 by Raul Fontaina, is the first Uruguayan television channel, and the fourth based on Latin America, the acronym means SAETA Sociedad Anónima de Emisoras de Televisión y Anexos.


Raul Fontaina, broadcaster of great path from the direction of Radio Carve, was the pioneer who one day happened to go a step further. In 1949, at the headquarters of ANDEBU, he created the founding statute of SAETA. And seven years later, after numerous tests, the station officially began broadcasting. The first picture emerged of a warehouse on blocks, wood and veneers located at the site of the First National Exhibition of Production, The Municipal Cylinder. It was generated through a single chamber of 90 kg (managed by Jorge Severino), a team of 100 power and an antenna 45 m, installed on an old water tank.

At 6:30 pm on December 7, 1956, the picture was seen and Raul Fontaina was heard saying (h): "Ladies and gentlemen, from that moment, Saeta TV Channel 10 is in the air ..." It then broadcast the National Anthem, ministers Héctor Grauert and Fermín Sorhueta spoke and programming started with documentaries supplied by various European embassies, educational films, the News American, and so on. All other content was aired live, even commercials.

The first faces that appeared on the screen, were Carlos Giacosa, Mario Fonticiella, Victor Hugo Pedroso, Barrett Puig and Cristina Morán. All of them came from the radio, in a country which at the time had no film industry, and therefore had not cultivated the language of images.

Eight years later, the institution-building was manifested through the acquisition and refurbishment of premises where Fontaina had worked as a barracks painter (local topped by Carmel Empire), on the street Tacuarembó 1234 (today Lorenzo Carnelli), who was being successively extended by the annexation of several properties and is the current location of Channel 10. Time then erected the tower 187 meters (raised through efforts of Milton Fontaina, another son of Don Raul), which since then is a prominent landmark of the urban landscape of Montevideo. In other words, the foundation and subsequent development of SAETA, was due to the joint effort of the Fontaina family until 1970, when it left Raul Fontaina (h) office manager, assuming the same Juan Enrique De Feo, who until then had remained at the forefront of Radio Carve alongside Raul Fontaina gift (as Omar Defeo recounts in his book "The crazy from the roof").

In January 1995, Channel 10, along with Equital SA, founded a cable operator called TCC, which is just around the canal. In 1991, based on Maldonado, Channel 7, which functions as a repeater of Channel 10, with a tele-flash informative own every 1 hour.

On October 10, 1996, with the movie Malcolm X, issued in the Stream "Festival", began broadcasting in stereo, and so far, the only channel open in Uruguayan to use this form of broadcast.

In 2004, the station affiliated with the News Corporation, which operates Fox. Since 2004, Saeta is another conglomerate over the News. The highest percentage of Channel 10 owners are Uruguayans (95%).

The station works mainly with two production companies to create their own content, Oz Media, and ZUR Infotainment.

Notable programmes[edit]

  • Subrayado (news)
  • Punto Penal (sports)
  • Decalegrón (humour)


Channel 10's transmitting antenna, measuring 187 meters in height, is called the Saeta tower. It was built and inaugurated some time after the channel moved to its current address. It stems from the idea and subsequent efforts of Milton Fontaina. Today it is the highest structure in Montevideo, and can be seen from many parts of the city. Over the past 5 years, Channel 12, of Uruguay, rent a portion of the antenna to transmit their programming.


In the year 2006 the channel signed a contract with film companies: Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Paramount and Dreamworks, to transmit the most recent releases of these film companies. These releases are already being cast in "Film Festival", a program that airs Monday at 9:00 pm. A person specializing in film on Channel 10 is Jackie Rodriguez Stratta, for many years in Saeta.


It was the first channel to create a talent competition, in 1996, by virtue of its 40 years. Then Channel 4 did the same in 2004, and in 2006, celebrating its 50 years of new Channel 10 conducted a contest called CONTA, which was to create: series, novels, cartoons, etc., all of this for CONTA and Channel 10 . In 2007 premiered the first prize in the national series: "Flat 8." The 5-Setiembre/2007 premiered another production CONTA called History Clinic.

Sports Events[edit]

In Channel 10 are broadcast live matches of FIFA tournaments and Qualifiers in simulcast with Tenfield (vía VTV)

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