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This article is about the Turkish politician and former Minister of Foreign Affairs. For Crimean and Kazan khan, see Safa Giray of Kazan.
Safa Giray
28th Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
23 June 1991 – 21 November 1991
Prime Minister Mesut Yılmaz
Preceded by Ahmet Kurtcebe Alptemoçin
Succeeded by Hikmet Çetin
Minister of National Defence
In office
30 March 1989 – 19 October 1990
Prime Minister Turgut Özal,
Yıldırım Akbulut
Preceded by Ercan Vuralhan
Succeeded by Güneş Taner
Minister of Public Works and Housing
In office
13 December 1983 – 30 March 1989
Prime Minister Turgut Özal
Preceded by Ahmert Samsunlu
Succeeded by Cengiz Altınkaya
Personal details
Born 1931
İzmir, Turkey
Died 20 June 2011
Ankara, Turkey
Nationality Turkish
Political party Motherland Party (ANAP)
Education Civil engineering
Alma mater Istanbul Technical University
Profession Civil engineer, politician

İsmail Safa Giray (1931 – 20 June 2011[1]) was a Turkish civil engineer and politician from the Motherland Party (Turkish: Anavatan Partisi, ANAP). He was a member of the Turkish parliament and served as Minister of Public Works and Housing,[2] Minister of National Defense,[3] and Minister of Foreign Affairs.[4]

Early life and education[edit]

Safa Giray was born in İzmir, Turkey in 1931, as a descendant of the former Giray Dynasty. He graduated in 1954 with a degree from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Istanbul Technical University.[5]


Safa Giray entered politics in 1983 along with Turgut Özal from the beginnings of the Motherland Party[6] and was elected into the parliament as an MP from Balıkesir Province.[7] He held the office of Minister of Public Works and Settlement (13 December 1983 – 30 March 1989) in two Turgut Özal cabinets,[2] Minister of National Defense (30 March 1989 – 19 October 1990) in the Yıldırım Akbulut cabinet. He resigned from the position because of inter-party and cabinet conflicts.[3][8] Later, he was appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs (23 June 1991 – 21 November 1991) by Prime minister Mesut Yılmaz. He left politics in 1999 after 16 years.[6]

In 1993, Safa Giray was accused of fraud and misuse of authority during his time of service as Minister of Public Works. He was tried before the Supreme Court[9] in conjunction with the awarding of contracts for motorway construction.[10] He was found not guilty and was acquitted on 12 April 1995.[11]

Safa Giray died on 20 June 2011 in Ankara and was buried in Gölbaşı Cemetery following a state funeral in front of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and a funeral service at the Kocatepe Mosque.[12]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Ahmet Samsunlu
Minister of Public Works and Housing
13 December 1983 – 30 March 1989
Succeeded by
Cengiz Altınkaya
Preceded by
Ercan Vuralhan
Minister of National Defence
30 March 1989 – 19 October 1990
Succeeded by
Güneş Taner
Preceded by
Ahmet Kurtcebe Alptemoçin
Minister of Foreign Affairs
23 June 1991 – 21 November 1991
Succeeded by
Hikmet Çetin