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Rebranded Safari Software after purchased by Epic.
Early logo of Safari Software.

Safari Software was a software developer and published founded c. 1989 in Houston, Texas. Patrick Aalto, prior to founding Safari, released a freeware game titled Line Wars in 1989 inspired by the original Elite video game engine. The first game to be released under this arrangement was P-Squared Productions' Traffic Department 2192, released in 1994. However, in certain regions where Epic had limited distribution abilities, such as Australia, Safari utilized other companies such as Manaccom.

1995 and 1996 were profitable years for Safari[citation needed] with the success of publishing such titles as Highway Hunter and Seek and Destroy coupled with the shareware model and advertising provided by Epic MegaGames. In 1997, Epic MegaGames bought out Safari entirely absorbing their publishing facilities into the company. Several more popular titles published by Safari continued to be sold via the rebranded Safari Software on the Epic Games website; however, in 2001, due to limited demand, Epic stopped selling them directly. Epic Classics [1], a division of Epic Games, still sells Seek and Destroy. All software copyrights of games published by Safari are still held by Epic Games.

Safari Software was also a software development company founded in 1992 in Denton, Texas by Randy Dryburgh and others. Its first and only game was a 3-episode shareware product titled Jason Storm in Space Chase, released in 1993. Distribution rights were sold to Epic Games in 1994 to satisfy a multi-game distribution contract and the company ceased developing games. Copyright to the Space Chase code remained with the original developers.

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