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Safariland, LLC
Founded 1964
Founder Neale Perkins
Headquarters Jacksonville, Florida
Products Body armor, armor systems, tactical accessories, protective gear, "less-lethal" weapons

Safariland, LLC is a United-States-based major designer and manufacturer of equipment for sporting, military, law enforcement, investigation and public safety personnel, formerly a division of BAE Systems, Inc. a subsidiary of the United Kingdom-based defence and aerospace company BAE Systems PLC. In late 2016 the company was the target of various protests after its "less lethal" munitions products, sold under the Defense Technology brand, were used during the highly publicized resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.


The company was founded in Sierra Madre, California in 1964 by Neale Perkins, following his father's request for a custom holster. He named his new company after the African safaris he and his father took together.[1]

In 1996, American Body Armor and its shareholders joined forces to form Armor Holdings, a diversified holding company with three manufacturing sites. Over 11 years, Armor Holdings acquired various brands in the law enforcement industry, including Safariland.[2]

In July 2007, BAE Systems acquired Armor Holdings, forming the BAE Systems Products Group of which Safariland was a part. In August 2008, its products were launched under the name Safariland.[3]

In May 2012, BAE Systems announced that Safariland would be sold to an acquisition vehicle affiliated with Kanders & Co., Inc.; sale was finalized at the end of July 2012 for US$124 million.[4]

In December 2015, Safariland acquired Atlantic Tactical, the largest Law Enforcement equipment distributor in the northeastern United States. Safariland went on to make other acquisitions in the distribution channel starting in January 2016 with Lawmen's, headquartered in Raleigh, NC and followed in March 2016 with the purchase of United Uniforms in western New York. [5]

In November 2016 it was revealed that Safariland products were used by the Morton County Police Department against protesters of the Dakota Access Pipeline in a manner that drew condemnation from domestic and international human rights organizations and led to subsequent protests against the company.[6][7] Safariland, LLC became the target of protests after non-violent direct action in North Dakota was met with water cannons, CS gas, and concussion grenades; photographs of spent munitions manufactured by the company were retrieved by protesters and published on the internet.[8][9] Citing injuries to a thirteen-year-old girl shot in the face with rubber bullets whose vision was compromised[10] and 21 year old Sophia Wilanksy whose arm was struck by an exploding ordenance leading to her helicopter evacuation and fears her arm would be amputated,[11][12] the group Anonymous claimed responsibility for disrupting the Safariland website as well as the purchasing portal Safariland uses to manage online orders.[13][14] On December 9, 2016 Native American elders and protestors held a prayer and set up a community picket line at Safariland's Ontario, CA manufacturing facility disrupting operations at the location.[15]


Safariland manufacturers a wide array of products in the law enforcement space, but only markets a small number of them under the Safariland brand name. The majority of products are sold under other brand names that were acquired when the company became a part of Armor Holdings.

Products includes holsters, duty gear and restraints under the Safariland and Bianchi brands. Body armor is sold under the American Body Armor, Second Chance, SAVVY and PROTECH brands. Brands of firearms accessories and cleaning kits are B-Square, SpeedFeed, Kleen-Bore and BreakFree. Protective gear, such as riot helmets, shields and protective police gloves, and sold under the Hatch and Monadnock brands.[16]

Less lethal munitions and chemical OC, CN and CS sprays and foams are sold under the Defense Technology brand. A field narcotics testing line of products is produced under the NIK Public Safety and ODV brands, as well as consumable supplies for forensics and investigation personnel under the Forensics Source and Projectina brands.[17]


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