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For the youth crisis support organization, see National Safe Place. For the South Park television episode, see Safe Space (South Park).
An inverted pink triangle surrounded by a green circle, as used to symbolize alliance with gay rights and space free from homophobia.[1]

A safe space is an imaginary area on certain college campuses thought up by millennials where people who get way too butthurt at reality go to cry with other people like them who can't take any criticism from anybody whatsoever. When you're shamed because you choose an unhealthy life style that will give you a heart attack and haven't gotten laid because of it, or shamed because you chose to not be a boy or girl but instead sexually identify as an xbox 360, you can go to one of these places to make sure that no one (especially straight white men) notices who you are and judges you based upon that assumption

These areas talk about tolerance to everybody unless you are a straight white man who doesn't want to get a lopadikophamy and are perfectly fine with having a penis. These little areas are the closest thing we have to concentration camps in the modern day. You will be allowed in only if you think just like them and act just like them and are a total pushover who can't bare to have their fee fees hurt.

Their trying to get a place where they can find the love their parents never gave them. They want to talk about how a flag is racist when ONE person used it for a racist cause even though it symbolized thousands of americans dying for what they believed in and the ability to keep putting food on the table. They want to get rid of certain words and replace them with their own made up ones because people use them to hurt other people, just like any other word.

The process of "unlearning words" is something that they teach to make things less "problematic". How smart does that sound?

Why are people like this? they're not getting the weird beaten out of them that's why! People keep preaching tolerance and acceptance and how you shouldn't judge while America gets softer and softer to the point we will just be one whiny pushover nation. people need to be bullied into being normal again. Or at least not be given a cookie for just being here.

NEED EXAMPLES?! [butthurt SJW] the rest you get my point. Let's cure this like we cure all other deseases. by getting rid of it. painfully I hope.

Why do people hate these little no brained pissy people you may be asking? well think of it this way, in the forties we had teenagers storm the beach of Normandy, in the sixties we had teenagers break away from racism, in the eighties we had an entire country tear down a wall, but in the 2010s we have pussies making up genders and trying to make laws to protect their feelings. This is why people hate you, this is why I hate you, this is why the world will go to shit and why I will be hung at the gallows for being a straight white man. Fuck you internet. fuck you.

In conclusion my generation is screwed tin the head. if any of these people rise to power the world will become a terrifying place with even more sexism than before. We need to stop these "safe spaces" so that people can be normal again. Don't raise your kids like this people. let them be whatever they want just not this.

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