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DNS Content Filtering Service
Founded2010; 9 years ago (2010)
HeadquartersAlexandria, Virginia
Key people
Dmitriy Vostretsov (CEO)
Number of employees

SafeDNS is a company that provides online safety for private and corporate customers with its internet filtering solutions through boosting the Domain Name System (DNS) with such features as personalized web content filtering and protection from botnets, malware and phishing. SafeDNS blocks web proxies and anonymizers to prevent bypassing the filtering.[citation needed]

The company was founded in 2010 by a group of IT entrepreneurs. In 2013 a commercial version of SafeDNS products for home and corporate users was launched. A year later SafeDNS released its web filtering platform for ISPs and mobile operators. Now SafeDNS products and cloud services are used by over 150 telecom operators,[citation needed] several thousand organizations,[citation needed] tens of thousands of home users[citation needed] and about one million of anonymous free users worldwide.[citation needed]

Closed source software designed by SafeDNS allows customers to filter online content and protect their web connection from multiple web threats, unwanted resources, intrusive and often dangerous online ads.[1] Subscription to SafeDNS cloud service requires registration. Only registered users are able to personify web content filtering to their individual needs.

The company's servers (PoPs) are located throughout data centers in Europe, Asia, North and Central America to provide low latency in DNS filtering and web surfing.

In 2015 SafeDNS parental control service was reviewed by PC Magazine[2] and Chip Magazine Czech.[3] This service for families got Approved Parental Control Product award from AV Comparatives, a European test lab of online safety and anti-virus solutions.[4][5]

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