Safe Harbour (novel)

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Safe Harbour
Book Cover Of Safe Harbour.jpg
AuthorDanielle Steel
CountryUnited States
PublisherRandom House
Publication date
November 2003
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages336 pp
813/.54 21
LC ClassPS3569.T33828 S34 2003

Safe Harbour is a novel written by Danielle Steel and published by Random House in November 2003. The book is Steel's sixty-first novel. It was adapted into a direct-to-DVD film.


At eleven, Pip Mackenzie has experienced such tragedy leaving her mother inconsolable. As she wanders the beach while her mother is shut up indoors, she stumbles upon Matt Bowles. An artist and divorcee, Pip reminds him of his daughter and they strike up an unusual friendship. Her mother, a French woman named Ophélie, is sceptical at first but soon discovers that Matt has lit up both of their lives.

When the summer comes to an end, Ophélie and Pip leave for the city but find life without Matt painful. As Ophélie begins a volunteer job at a city outreach program for the homeless, she tries to begin the long process of healing. But as she is betrayed in the worst way, Matt appears and allows her to be herself and finally see a way through the mist of Safe Harbour.

The novel ends with Matt and Ophélie's wedding in the beach with Pip as the witness at Safe Harbour.

List of characters[edit]

Ophélie MacKenzie[edit]

Mother of Pip who is depressed after the death of her son, Chad and her husband, Ted.

Phillippa Mackenzie[edit]

Daughter of Ophélie Mackenzie who befriends Matt at Safe Harbour

Matthew Bowles[edit]

A lonely divorcee who befriends Pip at Safe Harbour

Andrea Wilson[edit]

Ophélie's best friend, a godmother of Pip.

Ted MacKenzie[edit]

Ophélie's late husband who died in a plane crash, having left an enormous fortune of his energy inventions


Andrea's infant son