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SafetyBOSS is a Safety Services and Oil Well FireFighting company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The company and its CEO Mike Miller became most famous by leading the effort on the Kuwait Fires Project after the 1991 Gulf War. Safety Boss doused and capped 180 out of the 600 fires, more than any other company in Kuwait. SafetyBOSS set the rapid pace that had to be followed by the remaining companies in Kuwait. As a result, the fires were out within nine months, instead of the many years' estimate by competitor companies.

The last fire to be put out was set up by Safety Boss to be doused by the push of a button by the Emir of Kuwait.

The technology that allowed SafetyBOSS to take the lead was the Smokey fire truck, developed in 1983 after an especially stubborn and damaging oil fire in Alberta.

Safety Boss offers comprehensive prevention, detection and response services for the Oil and Gas Industry. The best technology, equipment and people are employed to meet the rigorous demands of each emergency. Safety Boss believes incident prevention should be the focus of the industry and endeavors to be included early in Safety Programs and Emergency Response Planning to reduce accidents, improve response time and minimize damage when incidents occur. Founded in 1956 by K.J. "Smokey" Miller, Safety Boss has grown from a one-truck fire company to a fleet of emergency equipment capable of controlling fires and blowouts worldwide. The company's roots are deep in Alberta's oil patch but our international reputation was forged in the fires of Kuwait following the 1991 Gulf War.

One of the oldest oilfield firefighting companies in the world, Safety Boss has pioneered the design and construction of the highly mobile "Smokey" firefighting systems. Safety Boss has designed much of its own blowout control equipment, demolition tools, fire shielding equipment, asbestos entry suits, hoisting and rigging equipment, sparkless brass tools, metal cutting saws, chemical suits, high pressure water jet cutters and other specialty items needed to gain control in these dangerous situations.

Today, Safety Boss is headed by Mike Miller, son of the company's founder, who has been in charge of Safety Boss's services since 1979. Following Safety Boss's record-breaking performance in Kuwait, Mike focused on international services until returning to Canada and his Alberta roots in 1999.

Safety Boss has been involved in more than 800 emergency events, including several of the largest blowouts and fire fighting projects in the world. The key to Safety Boss’s success and most important asset is its dedicated and experienced personnel. As a group their collective knowledge includes several hundred years of well control and firefighting experience in some of the most difficult regions in the world.

Some of Safety Boss’ most unusual experiences include the following.

• The Kuwait Fires Project – The company was the leader, by a substantial margin, in the total number of wells capped. Safety Boss’ fully mobile Smokey Firefighting Systems provided a huge advantage in rapid deployment, water conservation and non-explosive extinguishments.

• H2S Blowouts – H2S production has been a major part of the Canadian Oil and Gas industry since the 1930s. Canada has remained as one of the leading producers of H2S since that time. Safety Boss has been on hundreds of H2S blowouts some of which have involved flow rates of over 150 mm/D and H2S concentrations of over 50%.

• Capping while burning – Over the past couple of decades it has become common under certain circumstances for government regulators to require the intentional ignition of uncontrolled sour gas releases. This means that the well must be capped while it continues to burn. Safety Boss has the experience and the equipment to do this.

• Remote area operations – Safety Boss has successfully controlled numerous blowouts in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and North America. These include some of the most inaccessible and difficult terrain including Offshore, Desert, Arctic and muskeg areas.

In October 2014 Safety Boss extinguished and capped a huge Natural Gas Fire in Prud'homme Saskatchewan for SaskEnergy.

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