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SafetyBOSS is an oil well firefighting company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The company and its CEO, Mike Miller, became most famous by becoming the number one firefighting company in Kuwait after the 1991 Gulf War. The company doused 180 out of the 600 fires, more than any other company there. SafetyBOSS set the rapid pace that had to be matched by other companies in Kuwait, and as a result, the fires were out within nine months, instead of the many years that was initially given as the earliest possible date to put out the fires.

The last fire to be put out was set up by SafetyBOSS to be doused by the push of a button by the Emir of Kuwait.

The technology that allowed SafetyBOSS to take the lead was the Smokey fire truck, developed in 1983 after an especially stubborn and damaging oil fire in Alberta.