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Head office of the Safety Investigation Authority of Finland

The Safety Investigation Authority of Finland (SIAF[1] or SIA,[2] Finnish: Onnettomuustutkintakeskus, lit. Accident Investigation Center, shortened to OTKES; Swedish: Olycksutredningscentralen) is the accident investigation authority of Finland. It investigates all major accidents, and all aviation, maritime, and rail accidents and incidents.[3] SIAF is located within the Ministry of Justice,[3] and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.[4]

The SIAF was previously known in English as the Accident Investigation Board of Finland.[5]


The SIAF consists of five investigation branches: aviation, maritime, rail, other accidents, and exceptional events. The SIA has appointed a chief investigator to each.[6]

Investigation branch Description Chief investigator
Aviation The investigation of incidents and accidents regarding aviation in Finland.[7] Ismo Aaltonen
Maritime The investigation of accidents and dangerous situations that take place
on Finnish territorial waters or in which a Finland-based vessel is involved.[8]
Risto Haimila
Rail The investigation of especially hazardous accidents that happen either in
rail, metro, or tram traffic, such as level crossing accidents, rolling stock
fires, and train collisions.[9]
Esko Värttiö
Other accidents The Other accidents-branch investigates serious accidents that pose a risk to life or that cause significant economic or environmental harm.[10] Kai Valonen
Exceptional events Exceptional events are events of a non-accidental nature, in which a severe risk to life and society is posed. The SIAF has investigated four of such events during its history.[11]
This two tachographs were retrieved by the Safety Investigation Authority from the Konginkangas bus disaster in 2004


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