Safety Provisions (Building) Convention, 1937

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Safety Provisions (Building) Convention, 1937
ILO Convention
Date of adoption June 23, 1937
Date in force July 4, 1942
Classification Construction
Subject Occupational Safety and Health
Previous Reduction of Hours of Work (Textiles) Convention, 1937
Next Convention concerning Statistics of Wages and Hours of Work, 1938

Safety Provisions (Building) Convention, 1937 is an International Labour Organization Convention.

It was established in 1937:

Considering that building work gives rise to serious accident risks which it is necessary to reduce both on humanitarian and on economic grounds, and

Having decided upon the adoption of certain proposals with regard to safety provisions for workers in the building industry with reference to scaffolding and hoisting machinery,...

Ratifications and denunciations[edit]

  • As of 2013, the convention had been ratified by 30 states. However, nine of the ratifying states have automatically denounced the treaty because of subsequent ratification of conventions that automatically trigger denunciation of the 1937 treaty.

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