Safety Scissors

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Safety Scissors
Origin United States
Genres Electronic
Years active 1999–present
Members Matthew Patterson Curry

Safety Scissors is Matthew Patterson Curry, a minimal techno artist born in Minneapolis, Minnesota.[1] He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for a short while in order to attend San Francisco Art Institute. Curry then decided to focus more on music and eventually joined Belief Systems/Context Records where he began working with Kit Clayton, Sutekh, and Twerk.[1] Curry also performs with Seth Horvitz (aka Sutekh) under the name Moron.[1] In 2000, he moved to Berlin.

Curry has released three full-length albums, Parts Water in 2001, Tainted Lunch (released on Stefan Behnke's ~scape label) in 2005, and Pigeon Funk Presents!!! with Sutekh and Kit Clayton. Parts Water was described by CMJ New Music Monthly as "a perfect headphone record", including what reviewer Tim Haslett called "possibly the first attempts by a techno artist to write pop tunes".[2]

He also collaborated with Kit Clayton on an EP entitled Ping Pong, which sped through three dozen tracks in less than twenty minutes. Ping Pong was part of Carpark Records' sports-FAN series, so named because each release was pressed on a Fan CD.

From 2001 until 2006, Curry ran his own label Proptronix which was dedicated to fake electronics.



  • Parts Water (2001), Plug Research
  1. "Two Letter U's"
  2. "A Wash"
  3. "Stormy Weather"
  4. "7 Glasses a Day/7 Days a Week"
  5. "Your Beautiful Feet"
  6. "Esperanto"
  7. "Before (Less)"
  8. "(Water)phone"
  9. "Sailor Stripes"
  10. "Dipsy Daisy"
  11. "Sipper"
  12. "Mirror (Wet)"
  • Tainted Lunch (2005), Scape
  1. "I Am the Cheese"
  2. "Sunlight's on the Other Side"
  3. "Breastbone"
  4. "Amnesia, I Need You to Remind Me"
  5. "A Fly in My Soup"
  6. "After Disaster"
  7. "Love Lately"
  8. "L'Amour D'Cuisine"
  9. "Here Come the Housewives"
  10. "Where Is Germany and How Do I Get There?"
  • In A Manner Of Sleeping (2013), Bpitch Control
  1. "Moving Light"
  2. "The Floor"
  3. "You Will Find Me"
  4. "Somnambulance"
  5. "Gemin"
  6. "Lemon Scented Moist Pillowette"
  7. "Progress & Perseverance"
  8. "18 Hours"
  9. "Lights Out"
  10. "Stolen Song"
  11. "My Best Ideas"
  12. "Second Story"

Singles, EPs[edit]

  • Rubber Stamp EP (1999), Context
  • Pigeon Funk Presents!!! EP (2002), Onitor - with Sutekh
  • "Sunlight's on the Other Side" (2005), Scape
  • Camping 01 (2007), BPitch Control - single split with Ben Klock, includes Ellen Allien's remix of "Where Is Germany and How Do I Get There?"


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