Safety of the Queen, etc. Act 1584

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Safety of the Queen, etc. Act 1584
Citation 27 Eliz.1, c. 1

The Safety of the Queen, etc. Act 1584[1] (27 Eliz.1, c. 1) was an Act of the Parliament of England during the English Reformation. It required a tribunal of at least 24 peers and privy councillors to investigate "any open invasion or rebellion" in England, any attempt to injure Queen Elizabeth I or any pretender to the throne. Any person found to be guilty was to be disabled from inheriting the throne, and was to be "pursued to death by all the Queen's subjects." Also any act "whereby the Queen's life shall be shortened" was made a capital offence.


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  1. ^ The Act was actually passed in March 1585, but is listed under 1584 because under the common law acts of Parliament took effect retrospectively from the beginning of the session in which they were passed, which in this case was 1584: see the article Acts of Parliament (Commencement) Act 1793 for the explanation as to why.

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