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Mehmed Esad Saffet Pasha

Mehmed Esad Saffet Pasha (1814–1883) was a 19th-century Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire.[1] He has also been termed sadr-ı âlî ('high vizier'), vekil-i mutlak ('absolute attorney'), sâhib-i devlet ('holder of the state'), and zât-ı âsafî ('vizieral person').

As grand vizier to the sultan, he was, in principle, dismissible only by the sultan himself. He held the imperial seal and could convene other viziers to affairs of state. His offices were located at the Sublime Porte. In his time, grand viziers had come to assume a role similar to that of prime ministers in contemporary Western monarchies.


He was born in Sürmene.

Tanzimat and Saffet Pasha[edit]

He was a reformer of education during the Tanzimat era of the Ottoman Empire. Saffet Pasha represented the Ottoman Government at the 1876 Constantinople Conference.

Education Vizier[edit]

He established Galatasaray High School.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Mehmed Rushdi Pasha
Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire
May 1878 – October 1878
Succeeded by
Hayreddin Pasha


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