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Safiyyah bint Abi al-As

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Safiyyah bint Abi al-As
Wife of Quraysh chief of Umayya clan
Succeeded by
Personal details
BornMecca, Arabia
SpouseAbu Sufyan ibn Harb
  • Affan (older brother)
  • Al-Hakam (brother)
  • Al-Mughira (brother)
  • Arwa (sister)
ChildrenUmm Habiba
ParentAbu al-As ibn Umayya

Ṣafiyyah bint Abī al-ʿĀṣ (Arabic: صفية بنت أبي العاص) was the daughter of Abu al-As ibn Umayya.

She was a wife of Abu Sufyan ibn Harb (her cousin). She had at least two daughters with him: Ramlah, who would later adopt Islam and marry Muhammad, and Umayna.[1]

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