Safi Landmark Hotel

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Safi Landmark Hotel
General information
Location Kabul, Afghanistan
Coordinates 34°31′57″N 69°09′54″E / 34.5324°N 69.1651°E / 34.5324; 69.1651Coordinates: 34°31′57″N 69°09′54″E / 34.5324°N 69.1651°E / 34.5324; 69.1651
Opening 2005
Other information
Number of rooms 90 rooms

Safi Landmark Hotel is a hotel in Kabul, Afghanistan.[1]

It is a four star hotel,[2] and located approximately 15 minutes by road from Kabul International Airport.

The Safi Landmark hotel is located at the centre of down town Kabul near Governmental offices, Ministries, UN and Embassies. The site was the site of a suicide attack on February 26, 2010.


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