Safra, Lebanon

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Al Safra is a small town and village of the Caza of Kesrouan in Lebanon. It is a medieval village, perched in a curve on a rocky butte overlooking the Ibrahim River and the Mediterranean Sea in the former 'District of Jounieh'. Hawa Chicken, Lebanon's largest poultry producer and distributor, is located in Safra. Safra is located north of Tabarja and south of El Bwar on Lebanon's coast, north of the City of Jounieh. Safra stays to this day very calm and not very populated, the main families of safra are the Abi Sejaan family, the Khoury family, the Azzi family, the Hawa family and the Zgheib family, many outsiders have come to this town to build homes and live in it.

Coordinates: 34°09′N 36°10′E / 34.150°N 36.167°E / 34.150; 36.167