Safwat Al-Shwadfy

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Shaykh Safwat al-Shwadify
Safwat Shwadfy-4.jpg
Born (1955-09-01)September 1, 1955
Bilbeis, Egypt
Died August 17, 2000(2000-08-17) (aged 44)
Residence Egypt
Title Shaykh
Religion Islam

Safwat Al-Shwadify (1955–2000) (also: Ash-Shwadify, El Shwadfy, al-Shwadifi), (Arabic:صفوت الشوادفي) was an Egyptian scholar. His full name was Mohamed Safwat Ahmed Mohamed Yusuf al-Shwadify.


Safwat al-Shwadify was born in the village of Shaganibah, Sharkia Governorate, Egypt, in 1955.[citation needed]

For 10 years, he was the editor-in-chief of an Egyptian magazine, Tawhid.[1] and wrote more than 120 articles there and elsewhere.


  • Lamps lit the way for us (all his articles)
  • Summary of Egyptian Fatwas by Ibn Taymiyah (study and investigation)
  • Abortion between medicine and religion (formation)
  • Jews... Genesis & History (formation)

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