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BrandSafway was formed when Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services (BEIS) and Safway Group (Safway) merged in 2017.[1] BrandSafway provides a broad range of services and products to the industrial, commercial and infrastructure markets worldwide. A portfolio company of Clayton, Dubilier & Rice, BrandSafway offers work access, scaffolding, insulation, coatings, specialty industrial services, and forming and shoring with a workforce of approximately 32,000 employees and a network of more than 350 strategic locations across 30 countries. BrandSafway is headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia.[1]


BrandSafway was founded on June 22, 2017, when Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services (BEIS) and Safway Group (Safway) combined. Although the company has only been known as BrandSafway since 2017, the history of the companies that formed it dates back to 1919, with the founding of Scaffolding Great Britain (SGB). Over the course of the following century, numerous brands and entities were acquired, rebranded and/or merged to create the BrandSafway family of companies.


  • 1919: Daniel Palmer-Jones founds Scaffolding Great Britain (SGB).[2] The company launches a product called the Universal Coupler, which is still widely used today.[3]
  • 1929: Dr. Emil Mauritz Hünnebeck forms Hünnebeck GmbH, a global manufacturer of formwork, scaffolding and safety products for the construction industry, under the name Rautennetz GmbH in Essen, Germany.[4]
  • 1936: After inventing the first steel scaffold, Reinhold Uecker founds Safway under the name Uecker Equipment Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.[5]
  • 1937: Uecker Equipment Company changes its name to Safway Steel Scaffolds of Wisconsin.
  • 1961: Brand Energy and Infrastructure Services (BEIS) is founded as a Chicago-based insulation company. Rautennetz GmbH changes its name to Hünnebeck GmbH.
  • 1970: BEIS becomes an access provider.
  • 1972: Aluma Systems is formed with the launch of Aluma Beam®, which introduced forming and shoring components made of a lightweight aluminum alloy. [6]
  • 1975: MATCOR, which provides corrosion prevention products and services, is founded.[7]
  • 1976: Industrial Specialists and Gregg Industrial Insulators Inc. are founded.[8][9][10]
  • 1984: CP Masters is founded as a corrosion prevention company specializing in construction and installation services.
  • 1984: Safway receives a U.S. patent for Systems™ Scaffold, a simplified supported scaffold system that can be used on a wider variety of structures.[11]
  • 2002: Safway creates a Canadian subsidiary with the acquisition of Scaffold Connections assets.
  • 2005: Aluma Systems becomes a subsidiary of BEIS.
  • 2006: Safway acquires the QuikDeck® Suspended Access System and creates its bridge division.[12]
  • 2007: Industrial Specialists merges with BEIS.
  • 2010: Industrial Specialty Services (ISS) is formed by BEIS to provide integrated mechanical services and solutions to the refining, petrochemical, gas, power, pulp and paper, offshore, and subsea markets.[13]
  • 2011: Safway acquires Atlantic Hoisting and Scaffolding, creating SafwayAtlantic, which offers urban access solutions in the New York, New Jersey and Chicago metropolitan markets.[14][15]
  • 2011: WACO is acquired by Safway.
  • 2011: CP Masters joins BEIS.
  • 2012: Safway acquires NAC and its family of companies, including CL Coatings and Industrial Coatings & Fireproofing.
  • 2013: Safway introduces the SafRise Climber® and the QuikShield® Suspended Access System.[16][17] Safway and Honeywell Safety Products launch the Miller TurboLite™ Personal Fall Limiter.[18] Safway becomes the primary distributor of HAKI® products in North America.[19]
  • 2013: Gregg Industrial Insulators Inc., Hünnebeck and SGB become part of BEIS.
  • 2014: Safway acquires New England Scaffolding and Nel-Tekk Industrial Specialties Inc.[20][21]
  • 2015: BEIS acquires Empire Refractory Services of Ohio, LLC.[22]
  • 2015: Safway acquires All-American Scaffold and Mobley Industrial Services[23][24]
  • 2016: Safway acquires SafeWorks®, a provider of motorized suspended access, and its brands Spider®, Power Climber® and Power Climber Wind®.[25][26]
  • 2017: BEIS and Safway merge to form BrandSafway.[27]
  • 2017: BrandSafway acquires Waveland Services, a national offshore coatings company.[28][29]
  • 2018: BrandSafway acquires Venko, which is now part of Brand Energy & Infrastructure Services (Brand) in Europe. BrandSafway acquires Lyndon Scaffolding and merges it with SGB to form Lyndon SGB.[30] BrandSafway introduces BrandTech™ Precision Welding and the Flex-Deck™ System.[31][32]
  • 2018: Aluma Systems Intermediate Holdings Inc. (ASIH) acquires Alliance Refractories Ltd.
  • 2018: Aluma Systems Concrete Construction and BrandSafway acquire Forming Concepts.[33]
  • 2018: SafwayAtlantic and BrandSafway acquire Cabrillo Hoist.[34]

Focus on safety[edit]

BrandSafway has been recognized by numerous organizations for its safety performance, winning several awards and nominations.[35][36][37]

BrandSafway’s safety culture and performance are built on five pillars, as follows:

  1. Employee Intervention System: BrandSafway's Employee Intervention System (EIS) is a kaizen-based system that identifies potential hazards associated with projects, work practices and the environment and coaches employees on the correct actions to take in those scenarios.
  2. Management Safety Reviews: BrandSafway managers complete field observations to encourage a thorough understanding of safety processes in the field.
  3. BrandSafway Learning Network: BrandSafway provides employees with work-related training and education through a web-based learning system.
  4. Supervisor Observation System: BrandSafway uses peer-to-peer observation to promote accountability and leadership development at the supervisor level.
  5. Gold Link Audit System: BrandSafway uses an audit system to evaluate and support jobsite safety systems and management processes using inspection, interview and documentation review.


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