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The north exit of Saga Station
The south exit of Saga Station

Saga Station (佐賀駅 Saga-eki?) is a railway station in Saga City, Saga Prefecture, Japan. It is operated by JR Kyushu and is on the Nagasaki Main Line. Trains from this station also continue on to the Sasebo and Karatsu Lines. About 25,000 people pass through Saga Station every day. Particularly, many people go to Fukuoka using the express train and bus services.


This is an elevated station with two island platforms servicing four tracks. The station building and concourse are below the platforms.

1 Nagasaki Main LineSasebo Line To Hizen-YamaguchiIsahayaHaiki
Karatsu Line To TakuKaratsu
2 Limited express: Kamome To IsahayaNagasaki
Limited express: Midori, Huis ten Bosch To SaseboHuis ten Bosch
Nagasaki Main Line・Sasebo Line To Hizen-Yamaguchi・Isahaya・Haiki
3 Nagasaki Main Line To KanzakiTosu
Karatsu Line To Taku・Karatsu
4 Limited Express: Kamome, Midori, Huis ten Bosch To Tosu・Hakata
Nagasaki Main Line To Kanzaki・Tosu



  • August 20, 1891 - Station is established by Kyushu Railroad
  • July 7, 1907 - Kyushu Railroad is nationalized and the station falls under the jurisdiction of the railroad ministry
  • May 25, 1935 - Saga Line opens
  • February 19, 1976 - In being made into an elevated station, it is moved 100 meters north
  • June 6, 1976 - The track from Tosu to Hizen-Koga to Nagasaki is electrified
  • March 28, 1987 - Saga Line is discontinued
  • April 1, 1987 - Railways privatize and JR Kyushu inherits the station

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