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Sagan may refer to:



  • Anna of Sagan (died 1541), duchess by marriage to Duke Charles I of Münsterberg-Oels
  • Carl Sagan (1934–1996), American astronomer, science writer, and advocate for rationalism and skepticism
  • Dorion Sagan (born 1959), American writer, one of Carl Sagan's sons
  • Françoise Sagan (1935–2004), French writer
  • Ginetta Sagan (1925–2000), American human-rights activist
  • Hedwig of Sagan (died 1390), Queen of Poland as wife of Casimir III
  • Jacob Dungau Sagan (born 1946), Malaysian politician and Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia
  • Jeanne Sagan (born 1979), American musician, bassist for All That Remains
  • Juraj Sagan (born 1988), Slovak cyclist, Peter Sagan's brother
  • Leontine Sagan (1889–1974), Austrian film director and actress
  • Nick Sagan (born 1970), American writer, one of Carl Sagan's sons
  • Peter Sagan (born 1990), Slovak cyclist, Juraj Sagan's brother
  • Scott Sagan (born 1955), professor of political science at Stanford University

Named after Carl Sagan[edit]


  • S.A.G.A.N., social and collaborative web-platform
  • Sagan (ceremony), a Nepalese sacred ritual
  • Sagan (crater), impact crater on Mars
  • Sagan (film), 2008 French film about the French writer Françoise Sagan
  • Sagan (software), a high performance, multi-threaded log analysis engine
  • Sagan River, Ethiopia
  • Sagan Tosu, Japanese professional football club based in Tosu, Saga Prefecture
  • Segan, an Aramaic term for the deputy of a civil or religious leader, rendered as sagan in Hebrew

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