Bamboo Forest (Kyoto, Japan)

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Coordinates: 35°00′34″N 135°40′00″E / 35.009465°N 135.666772°E / 35.009465; 135.666772

Bamboo forest in Sagano

Bamboo Forest, or Arashiyama Bamboo Grove or Sagano Bamboo Forest, is a natural forest of bamboo in Arashiyama, Kyoto, Japan. The forest consists of several pathways for tourists and visitors. The Ministry of the Environment considers it a part of the soundscape of Japan.[1]

Prior to 2015 there was a charge to access the area.[2]

The forest is not far from Tenryū-ji Temple, which is the location of Rinzai School, and the Nonomiya Shrine.[1]


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