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Sagarejo (Georgian: საგარეჯო) is a town in Kakheti, Georgia. It is situated 58 kilometres (36 mi) east of Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, and has the population of 12,600 (2002 census). It serves as an administrative center of the Sagarejo district.

The town is traditionally considered a chief settlement of the Gare-Kakheti area (Outer Kakheti). The settlement is first mentioned in written records in the 11th century under the name of Tvali, literally meaning "an eye". Later, it came to be known as Sagarejo, i.e., "of Gareja", indicating that the area was owned by the David Gareja monastery. It acquired the town’s status in 1962.

The fortified ruins of the ancient Ninotsminda Cathedral are located near Sagarejo.

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Coordinates: 41°44′N 45°20′E / 41.733°N 45.333°E / 41.733; 45.333