Sagebrush steppe

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Sagebrush steppe with Artemisia tridentata, of the Great Basin region in Owyhee County, southwestern Idaho.
Feral horses run across Sagebrush steppe in Tule Valley, Utah.

Sagebrush steppe is a type of shrub-steppe, a dry-xeric environment and plant community found in the Western United States and western Canada. It can be identified by the sagebrushArtemisia tridentata shrubs and the short bunchgrasses that grow in it.

The Sagebrush steppe name comes from the most dominant plant found in the ecosystem, the "sagebrush" - and "steppe," which describes a largely treeless, dry, level grassland. The sagebrush steppe overlaps the channeled scablands of eastern Washington state.

Sagebrush steppe along US 93 in northeastern Nevada.

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