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Role Remote controlled UAV
Manufacturer SAGEM
Status In development
Unit cost
€20-30 million
Developed from Stemme S-15

The Patroller is an unmanned air vehicle, designed and manufactured jointly by SAGEM and Stemme. It is based on the Stemme S-15 motor-glider. The first flight was in June 2009 at Kemijarvi in Finland; it was shown at the 2009 Paris Air Show.[1] The Patroller is a Medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (MALE) by the definition of the NATO.[1]

It completed another series of flight tests in July 2010, which demonstrated it is capable of missions lasting 20–30 hours; it can carry a 250 kg payload (including 80 kg under each wing). [2] The Patroller will carry out imaging and surveillance trials in southern France, detecting forest fires.[3]

Several variants are offered:

  • Patroller R, used for ground surveillance;
  • Patroller M, for maritime surveillance;
  • Patroller S, for homeland security.

The Patroller uses the same ground control station as Sperwer II. A Ku-band datalink is used; range is limited to 200 km (line of sight).[1]


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