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Private Company
Industry mobile devices
Headquarters Ningbo, China
Key people
Owner Sofinnova
MobiWire SAS

SAGETEL MOBILES (NINGBO) Co. (formerley SAGEM Mobiles Ningbo Co.), is a company specializing in the development, production, sales and services of mobile telephones and electronic products.

The company has exactly 3000 employees in total and is currently the main production site of SAGEMCOM, having manufactured more than 80,000,000 units in all, sold worldwide in more than 10 countries.

It has also provided products for companies such as Vodafone, AT&T, France Telecom, Orange, T-Mobile, TIM, Mexico Telecom and Philippines Telecom.

Since 2006,the company began manufacturing mobile phones for Sony Ericsson.

As of April 2009, SAGETEL MOBILES (NINGBO) CO.,LTD has started to market its products under the 'SAGETEL' brand name. To both simplify its name but also to associate itself to the success of 'Sagem' companies.

Sagetel is also the sister company of MobiWire (formerley known as Sagem Wireless). The two companies share the same heritage and Sagetel funded MobiWire out of bankruptcy.


Founded on 1 January 2003, SAGEM Mobiles Ningbo Co., was a joint venture of the leading French mobile telephone manufacturer SAGEM and Ningbo Bird Co. Ltd.

The SAGEM group became the sole owner of SAGEM Mobiles Ningbo Co., Ltd in 2008.

The company was renamed 'SAGETEL MOBILES (NINGBO) CO.' and funded by SAGEMCOM with the registration of 75 million dollars.

The company was again renamed MobiWire Mobiles Ningbo and is owned by Sofinnova.


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