Sagittaria engelmanniana

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Acid-water arrowhead
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Monocots
Order: Alismatales
Family: Alismataceae
Genus: Sagittaria
Species: S. engelmanniana
Binomial name
Sagittaria engelmanniana
  • Sagitta engelmanniana (J.G.Sm.) Nieuwl.
  • Sagittaria engelmanniana f. dilatata Fernald
  • Sagittaria variabilis var. gracilis S.Wats in A. Gray 1889, not Englm. 1856 (fide Small 1894[1])

Sagittaria engelmanniana (Engelmann's arrowhead[3] or acid-water arrowhead) is an aquatic plant species native to eastern North America. It has been reported from every state bordering on the Gulf of Mexico or on the Atlantic Ocean from Mississippi to Massachusetts, plus Vermont and Ontario.[4][5][6]

Sagittaria engelmanniana occurs in wetlands, predominantly those with acidic water such as Sphagnum bogs. It is a perennial herb up to 70 cm tall. Leaves are sagittate (arrow-shaped) with 3 very narrow lobes.[1][5]


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