Sagliains (Rhaetian Railway station)

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Two trains at Sagliains station
Location7542 Susch
Inn, Graubünden
Coordinates46°45′48″N 10°05′48″E / 46.76333°N 10.09667°E / 46.76333; 10.09667Coordinates: 46°45′48″N 10°05′48″E / 46.76333°N 10.09667°E / 46.76333; 10.09667
Elevation1,432 m
Owned byRhaetian Railway
Operated byRhaetian Railway
OpenedNovember 1999 (1999-11)
Route map
KARTE rhb.png Sagliains as shown on the RhB network.
Sagliains is located in Switzerland
Location within Switzerland

Sagliains is a connecting station on the Bever–Scuol-Tarasp railway in Sagliains, Switzerland. It is located at km 128.67 at 1432 m above sea level at the exit from the Sagliains valley between the villages and stations of Susch and Lavin in the Lower Engadine. It was built on material removed during the construction of the Vereina Tunnel. Sagliains station was opened to timetabled traffic with the Vereina tunnel on November 22 1999.

Sagliains station's main business is the operation of the Vereina car shuttle train. The car loading station is equipped with two loading tracks next to a loading ramp, which stretches along the valley slope. It has a direct connection to the main road through a car tunnel and a covered gallery, which serves, among other things, the waiting road vehicles and has offices for cashiers. There is also a service building with a self-service kiosk. In addition to the transport of cars, Sagliains station also serves as an interchange station between the Scuol-Tarasp–Pontresina regional services and the Scuol-Tarasp–Landquart–Chur–Disentis regional express services.

As an interchange station, it only has an island platform without access from the outside.[1] Thus, it is not normally possible to use this station for embarking and disembarking, except for changing trains.

There are two trains per hour to Scuol-Tarasp, and one to each of Disentis/Muster and Pontresina.[2]

Train entering Sagliains station
View of the Vereina Tunnel entrance at Sagliains
  • RE3 - 1tph
  • R7 - 1tph


Preceding station   Rhatische Bahn   Following station
toward Scuol-Tarasp
toward Pontresina




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