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The badge of office of Saguenay Herald of Arms

Saguenay Herald of Arms (Héraut Saguenay in French) is the title of one of the officers of arms at the Canadian Heraldic Authority in Ottawa. Like the other heralds at the Authority, the name is derived from the Canadian river of the same name. Saguenay Herald of Arms is the Assistant Registrar of the Canadian Heraldic Authority. As such, Saguenay assists Saint-Laurent Herald in the registration duties. Together they also have specific responsibilities for the bilingual texts of the grant and registration documents.

The design of the badge of office of Saguenay Herald of Arms represents a blueberry, with its heart composed of four small crowns. Blueberries are a famous feature of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region, the inhabitants of which are affectionately known as "Bleuets." The four crowns in cross make reference to the "Kingdom of Saguenay" myth from the time of Jacques Cartier.

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